You can make purchases with low monthly payments!

When purchasing expensive items, large quantities, aquariums or anything else here at KLM Enterprises, you can now take advantage of excellent financing.
Our payment processor, PayPal, is now offering financing for all purchases at KLM Enterprises. They are offering special interest-free promotions and delayed payments, as well as regular 12 month and 24 month finacing plans.
To take advantage of this service or simply to learn more about it, login to your  PayPal account and click on buyer credit. If you do not have an account, you can sign up for one at the same page for free.
Once your Buyer Credit is approved, using it at KLM Enterprisesis as simple as any other purchase. Simply browse through our website and add items to your shopping cart as you wish. When you are finished, proceed to check out, and Buyer Credit will be available as one of your Funding Sources on the payment page.
Buyer Credit is perfect for Pet Shops, Wholesalers, true hobbyists, and anyone who would like to defer full payment on any quantity of fish and equipment. We hope that you find this service another useful addition to KLM Enterprises.
Making Payments - Payment Methods - Buyer Credit

 How do I apply for PayPal Buyer Credit?

 On the PayPal website, click on the 'PayPal Buyer Credit' link located at the bottom of any PayPal page. Once on the PayPal Buyer Credit page, click 'Sign Up Now' if you do not own a PayPal Account. If you currently own a PayPal Account you can log in and fill out the application as needed.

Once you have completed the application and are approved, 'PayPal Buyer Credit' will be available as a funding source when you make a payment. If PayPal Buyer Credit is not selected, you can select it by going to 'More Funding Options', and selecting 'PayPal Buyer Credit'.

If you do not currently own a PayPal Account, you may open one at the beginning of the PayPal Buyer Credit application process.