Faq On Wall Fountains

GENERAL INFORMATION on Adagio Wall Fountians .

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    All our stones are specially quarried and shipped from India. The stones of India are renowned worldwide for their beauty and elegance. Every stone is hand cut and its edges chiseled to perfection making each Adagio Collection fountain a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Because no two stones are alike, your fountain is an original. Therefore, your stone will vary in color, texture, and thickness (up to a quarter inch in thickness) compared to the stones seen in our showroom and brochure. The black stone have some variation of shade; however, the most dramatic difference is seen in the remarkable multi-color stone, which varies in its range of greens, reds, golds, and rusts.

    All our copper components for the wall fountains are fashioned from high-grade copper mined from Kennecott Copper Mine located near Salt Lake City, Utah. The unique marble-like finish is burned onto the copper one piece at a time by skilled artisans. A clear coat finish is then applied to the metal to give it a high gloss finish as well as to protect the copper from naturally turning green over time. However, If you would like the copper to have a natural patina look, please specify this in your custom order and we will not apply the clear coat finish to the copper. (If ordering the natural patina look, please allow for an additional one to two weeks for delivery.)

    Your custom orders are welcomed. We can work with you to customize a fountain to your specifications. For instance, fountain height can be shortened. We can also manufacture customer specific fountains of most shapes and sizes. In addition, company logos can be etched into the stone for an additional cost.  With most custom orders a deposit is required and all sales are final.

    Please allow approximately two weeks for delivery.  Delivery times for custom orders will be quoted individually.

    Before installing, we recommend installing an electrical outlet in the wall directly behind where the stone will be placed. Fountains can be installed on almost any type of wall, including cinder block and metal stud walls. They can also be installed outdoors; an optional lid for the hood is available to help weatherproof the fountain's electrical components. Adagio Water Fountain Fact Sheet-Continued

    Each water feature has a ninety day parts and labor and a three-year parts only limited manufacturer's warranty on the hood, base, water distribution and stone. The electrical system has a ninety day parts and labor and a one year parts only limited manufacturer's warranty. The re-circulating pump has a one-year manufacturer's warranty.

    Although not required, we recommend installing a GFI electrical outlet in the wall behind where the stone will be placed prior to installing the fountain. Doing so is more aesthetically pleasing as it will enable you to keep the electrical cord hidden from sight. Place the electrical outlet near the center of the stone at least 18 inches higher than the bottom of the fountain's lower tray and at least 24 inches lower than the top of the hood, which is at the top of the fountain. For the double and triple stone falls the electrical outlet should be placed behind the left most stone as you face it on the wall. If you choose to install an electrical outlet behind the stone, we recommend wiring it to a wall switch that will enable you to easily turn your fountain on and off without having to reach behind the stone to pull out the plug. It is not necessary, but if you would like to control the lights and the water flow separately we recommend installing an additional clock box outlet behind the stone. This is for the re-circulating pump and should be wired to a separate switch. For the double and triple stone falls an additional clock box outlet should be installed behind EACH stone.

    The water feature acts as a natural humidifier and therefore requires one half to two gallons of water per day depending upon the setting, climate, size, and usage. We recommend only using distilled water.

    To protect the copper from discoloration due to hard water deposits (if distilled water is not used) and from turning green over time and for easier clean up, we recommend applying car wax to the copper splashguard and tray once a month. Stainless steel components may be cleaned with Lime-Away. You may apply 1-3 drops of bleach to the water weekly to avoid algae growth and unfavorable odors. Never use more than this; too much bleach will dull the stone.