Cascade Springs

Cascade Springs

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Adagio Cascade Springs
Our smaller-size single stone water wall falls manufactured from the highest quality water features available. The Adagio Cascade Springs water features will bring the beauty and tranquility of nature's sights and sounds into your home or office. Because of their bold presence, the Cascade Springs water wall will be the focal point in any setting.

The copper is finished with a decorative brazen design then sealed with an automotive-quality clear coat of Each Adagio Cascase Springs Collection. Each piece of Multi-Color Rajah or Black Slate is quarried in India and hand finished for a unique textured look. The smaller-size features are fifteen inches shorter and five inches narrower than the full-size water feature.


  • Metal: Rustic Copper or Stainless Steel

  • Metal Shape: Rounded or Square Corners

  • Stone: Multi-Color Raja Slate or Black Slate

  • Size: 54"H x 25"W x 6"D

  • Weight: 220 pounds