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Coffee Table Aquarium


Coffee Table Aquarium
What a Conversation Place...

Measures 36" by 36" by 17 1/2" high
and holds approximately 40 gallons
of water. Great for freshwater or
tropical fish.

Accessories included are; submersed
power-head pump, complete under-gravel
filter plate, light dome, rigid tubing,
light fixture, light bulb, decorative plants
Novus plastic polishing kit, water conditioner
digital thermometer, helpful hints, easy set-up
instructions and 2 year limited warranty.
All you add is 40 pounds of aquarium gravel
(in your favorite color), water and fish.

This under-gravel filtration system
consistently proves to keep the aquarium
dazzling clean and clear with minimal

In your home or office, this beautiful table
will entertain, relax and inspire creativity.

Fish don't just swim in a this stunning aquarium...
They Show Off!!

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