Large Lighted Bubble Panel


Large Lighted Bubble Panel

An attractive addition to your home or executive office. The unique piece creates the beauty and serenity of soft lighting with millions of graceful, glowing bubbles.

Complete with whisper quiet air pump, airline tubing, check valve flourescent lighting in top and bottom, two sets of neon color strips, extension cord, Novus plastic polishing kit, complete instructions for set-up and maintenance and a 2 year limited warranty.

Meassures 28" wide by 11½" deep by 80" high and holds approximately 3 gallons of water.

Bubbling water always fascinates. A great way to escape into a state of tranquility and creative thought. In moments of stress, you will find it wonderfully comforting.

A unique channeled, acrylic, water-filled panel shows crystal clear illuminated bubbles running upwards to create a "moving wall". Add the neon color strips to the lights to enhance the exact mood you are trying to create.

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