Scalloped Dining Table Aquarium


What a conversation piece...
What a conversation place!!

Measures 40" diameter by 31" high and holds approximately 25 gallons of water. Ideal for freshwater fish or tropical fish.

Scalloped Dining Table Aquarium

Accessories included are a formed one-piece tank that is softly scalloped, base with access drawer holding flourescent lighting, under-gravel filter plate, lift tube, submersed powerhead pump, 40" diameter beveled tempered glass top, light dome, artificial flora decoration, Novus plastic polishing kit, digital thermometer, water conditioner, easy set-up and maintenance instructions and a 2 year limited warranty. All you add is 25 pounds of aquarium gravel (in your favorite color), water and fish.

Aquariums are a source of hypnotic beauty that have a calming effect. They add color, lights and continuous movement in your home or office.

Fish don't just swim in a this Aquarium...
They Show Off!!

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