Small Single Bubble Aquarium


Small Single Bubble Aquarium

All the serenity of an under-water world -- right on your bookshelf, desk or table.

Measures 15" wide by 8" deep by 17" high and holds approximately 3 gallons of water. Ideal for freshwater or tropical fish.

Includes the whisper quiet air pump (hidden in the base), under-gravel sponge filter, airline tubing, artificial decorative plant, light fixture, light bulb, gravel, water conditioner, Novus plastic polishing kit, digital thermometer, complete instruction for set-up and maintenance and a 2 year limited warranty. All you add is water and fish.

This intriguing sea sculpture, seen through it's bubble shape, magnifies your underwater world to give the illusion of being many times it's size.

Fish don't just swim in this wonderful Aquarium...
They Show Off!!

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