Large Double Bubble Aquarium with optional Stand


Large  Double Bubble Aquarium with Optional Stand

The brillant clarity of the acrylic bubble
result in a spherical window that magnifies
the beauty, color and vitality of everything
you see...the iridescent flash of a neon
tetra darting by...the intricate rows of
silvery scales.

The Aquarium measures
26" wide by 24" deep by 26" high and
holds 25 gallons of water. Great for
Tropical fish or freshwater fish.

The specialty Stand is
included and measures 30" high.

Accessories included (and hidden from
view are; submersible power-head pump
under-gravel filter plate, lighting
fixture and light bulb, artificial
plant decoration, Novus polishing kit
digital thermometer, water conditioner
helpful hints and easy instructions.

This under-gravel filtration system
consistantly keeps the aquarium dazzling
clean and clear.

Fish don't just swim in a these artful Aquariums...

They Show Off!!

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