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Aquatic Furniture double sided


Twice as nice as the Model #1800 because this unit is transparent from both sides!

Headboard, Sofa-Table, Wall Unit...An Array of Choices.

Designed for silence. The insulating quality of a permanently bonded inner and outer shell, coupled with a silent, submersed power-pump, make this so quiet, you can hear the fish whispering.

Measures 74" long X 7" deep X 46" high and holds approximately 25 gallons of water. Ideal for tropical fish or freshwater fish.
Accessories included (and hidden from view) are; two subersible powerhead pumps, complete under-gravel filter plate, rigid lift tubing, light fixtures, light bulbs, artificial decorative greenery, Novus plastic polishing kit, digital thermometer, water conditioner, easy set-up and maintenance instructions and a 2 year limited warranty. You add only 40 pounds of aquarium gravel (in your favorite color), water and fish.

This model features a see-thru aquarium - both sides are clear, cell-cast acrylic. It is beautiful against a wall, behind your sofa or at the head of your king or queen size bed.

Fish don't just swim in a this aquatic piece of art...
They Show Off!!

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