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Aquatic Furniture Headboard or Wall unit table


Aquatic Furniture

Headboard, Sofa-Table, Wall Unit...An Array of Choices!

Designed for silence. The insulating quality of a permanently bonded inner and outer shell, coupled with a silent, submersed power-pump, make this aquatic marvel so quiet, you can hear the fish whispering.

Measures 74" long X 7" deep X 46" high and holds approximately 25 gallons of water. Ideal for freshwater or tropical fish.

Accessories included (and hidden from view) are; two submersible powerhead pumps, complete under-gravel filter plate, rigid lift tubes, light fixtures, light bulbs, artificial decorative greenery, Novus plastic polishing kit, digital thermometer, water conditioner, easy set-up and maintenance instructions and a 2 year limited warranty. All you add is 40 pounds of aquarium gravel (in your favorite color), water and fish.

The flourescent lighting and black background make your floral and fish quite brilliantly vivid. A dramatic display against your wall, behind your sofa, or at the head of your king or queen size bed.

Fish don't just swim in in this stunning Aquarium...
They Show Off!!

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