Aquarium Column Pentagon Corner


Pentagon Corner Aquarium

A perfect corner unit to splash color and excitement on places usually hard to decorate. Geometric shapes mystify and multiply.

Measures approximately 17" long by 12" wide by 71" high and holds approximately 25 gallons of water. Perfect for freshwater or tropical fish.

Accessories included (and hidden from view) are; submerible powerhead pump, rigid tubing, under-gravel filter plate, light fixture, light bulb, extension cord, artificial/extendable plant decoration, algae cleaning magnets, water conditioner, Novus plastic polishing kit, digital thermometer, helpful hints, easy set-up instructions and 2 year limited warranty. Everything you will need except 20 pounds of aquarium gravel (in your favorite color), water and fish.

This under-gravel filtration system consistently proves to keep the aquarium dazzling clean and clear with minimal maintenance.

Great for adding color, lights and movement to that dark corner of your home or office.

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