Medium Hexagon Timepiece Aquarium


Medium Hexagon Timepiece Aquarium

This nearly six foot high aquarium is a source of hypnotic beauty that has a calming effect. It adds beauty, color and continuous movement in your home or office. It entertains, relaxes and inspires creativity.>br>
Measures approximately 12" wide X 14" deep X nearly 72" high and holds approximately 27 gallons of water. Great for freshwater or tropical fish.

Accessories included (and hidden from view) are; submersible powerhead oump, rigid tubing, filter plate, light fixture, light bulb, extension cord, artificial/extendable plant decoration, water conditioner, algae cleaning magnets, Novus plastic polishing kit, digital thermometer, helpful hints, easy-set-up instructions and 2 year limited warranty. All you add is 20 pounds of aquarium gravel (in yor favorite color), water and fish.

This under-gravel filtration system consistently proves to keep the aquarium dazzling clean and clear with minimal maintenance.

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