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Water Panel 1-PW

Description: Bubbling Panel Lamp
What's included? lights, pump, base, top, bubble panel, color strips 
Availability: usually ships in 2 - 4 weeks
Material: acrylic
Water capacity: approx. 10 gallons
Shape: rectangle
Footprint: 26.5" x 14"
Dimensions: 26.5" wide x 14" deep x 81.5" tall
Shipping: 2 boxes via common carrier
Shipping weight : approx 96 lbs.
Assembly: minor assembly required.
Comments: Easy to change the light color by simply opening an access cover and switching the supplied color strips.
Helpful hints: Virtually no maintenance and instant action when you turn it on (no waiting for it to warm up).
Taller units and/or mirror back available; contact us for a custom quote.

Contact for Shipping usually less than 15% of original price