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Water Panel W4-PW

Description: Bubbling Wave Panel Lamp
What's included? lights, air pump, black base and top, color strips
Availability: usually ships in 2 - 4 weeks
Material: acrylic
Water capacity: approx. 8.5 gallons
Shape: rectangle wave
Footprint: 27" x 14"
Dimensions: 27" wide x 14" deep x 68.5" tall
Shipping: 2 boxes via UPS
Shipping weight: approx. 71 lbs.
Assembly: place clear tank section into base then connect hoses and top. fill with water.
Comments: You may have seen similar items, but this design (with replaceable bubble wand) has been around the longest and is considered the best bubbling panel on the market. Hand made in USA. Comes with 3 different color strips which allow you to change the bubble color without taking the water out.
Contact for Shipping usually less than 15% of original price